Thursday, Sept. 06, 2006 | 5:27 pm

so what of it? tell me a story and i'll tell you mine. we're here. walking on eggshells. polite and contrite. turning over. to turn my back. nay. much to do, far off track. uninspired and overdrawn. i walk from corner to corner. a city of derelicts and couch surfers. not here to serve you. energy vampires of the worst kind. friendly and smiling, ready for more. they take what they can get.

sometimes i want a quiet room with only one other person in it. or maybe two, a wee one and a giant. something to write home about. have i said enough to think without thinking? the wayside trap to miracles is out the door. into your lap. not his or his or hers or theirs. yours. and i'll take my energy and keep it for me. for us. this inner circle which keeps tightening. it will be fall soon.

give me a room, a man, a child, an acorn. i'll give you the world. the peachstone grows fruit, it was never gone. a careful wager, yet still a safe distance. revealing too much too soon, my eyes don't lie so precisely. the truth is in them whether i like it or not.

shield green from grey. the restorative qualities of sleep are innumerable. the dreams that line my slumber are not so far from me.

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